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boys are evil

I just dont understand...I mean...he says he cares, he wants to be friends, that Im not alone...and then he just stops communicating altogether. So was everything he said a lie? I mean...he shared so much of himself, I guess Im finding it hard to know what was real and what wasnt.
okay...i need some advice.

i like three boys at once. okayy...well...ummm. boy #1 is one of my best friends. and ive liked him pretty much since the beginning of this year. like hes cute and WICKED funny. and he has a car. so thats always a plus. i thought he liked me for a while...but i dont think so anymore...cause he talks to me about other chicks...alllll the time. boy #2 is a really good kisser. lol. he and i went out like around xmas....FOR A DAY. which is retarded. but whatever. he tried to get back with me for like two months...but i kept rejecting him cause he hurt me the first time. soo he gave up. But idk...now i really like him now. we've kissed a few times....idk he makes me feel good. the only problem wiht him besides that hes hurt me before...is that i think that one of my BEST friends might like him too. anywaysss...boy #3...well...i talk to him on the phone like all the time. the thing is....we've never met. :/ hes a total sweetheart tho. but....hes leaving soon to go to bootcamp...so like idk if i should give it a chance....seein how it wouldnt really last all that long.

sooo i dont really know what to do.


Jun. 5th, 2005

heyy everyone! im new here, so i just thought i would say hi to yall.

this is my first community..ever...so i dont know really whatelse to say. :/

ummmmm....comment to this or something if u wanna know anything about me or whatnot.

I know this has nothing to do with the community.. but i seriously need advice here.haha.

So, I'm cutting my hair scene. Mainly cause it's a dare. haha.

Pick one.

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I just made a new body modification community called My Body Is A Canvas. It's located at body_canvas. I'm looking for new mods and new members. If you like showing off your piercings or tattoos, and enjoy talking about future modifications/ideas for modifications, then this is your kind of community. Pictures, drawings, anything goes...

Join today. And if you want, I'd love some mods!
Hey guys.
I'm kinda in this depressive.. emo state.. where, i like a guy, a lot. But, so does a good friend. And i just found out today, that he likes her, also a guy that I like.. doesn't like me back.. and it just seems like I can't get anyone lately, i'm so damn lonely, and everyone's hooking up with everyone else.. and it just seems like the world is passing me by.. does anyone have any songs like that?
Cause I just can't seem to find any.
Thanks guys... it would help a lot

Im JEM by the way

Three things to know about me:
1. I graduated in College at the age of 19. They say Im a geek, but I know how to handle myself though. I earned myself a presidential scholarship, a laude.. what else.. lemme just say that my brains do work...

2. But DAMN!!!! Im so darn stupid when it comes to men. The first serious relationship I've had fucked up... he got married with someone else and got another woman (who happened to be my best buddy) pregnant; the second one, also did marry another one, but a stranger to me this time; the third one I've had was with a Korean, who also ended up with another woman because his fuckin omma(mother) told him so; the fourth one was Kies, also a Korean - my boss in a telecomm company - who made just a fool out of me by suckin off my brains to help him out develop his OWN projects for the company; the last one was a guy whom I think is also exhausting my pocket right now huhuhuhuhuh

3. I feel so pathetic right now! God spare me a nice man!